Timehin Adelegbe: Beyond party Popularity, Stands Out In Race For Ose/Owo Rep


Let us define an astute politician. Here is a sterling patriot, Timehin Adelegbe, whose exceptional contributions to community development and national politics is second to none. His hardwork and passion for communal excellence eloquently earned him a place among stars.

The Ose/Owo race may be an open race afterall, the candidates of the two major parties – PDP and APC are new in the race which makes it all the more attractive for the ruling party. But pundits say Adelegbe of the APC stands a better chance, not just because he belongs to the ruling party and he is from the same constituency with the sitting governor, but because he has demonstrated capacity and commitment to the development of the area in the past.

We should make him the beneficiary of our mandate to enable him represent us use of Representatives in Abuja come 2019. With this fine personality representing the people, the people can take development for granted.


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