APC Primary: Whether Akeredolu Imposes Candidates Or Acts As A Leader ?


By Comrade Allen Sowore

The present political imbroglios in the governing All Progressives Congress, APC and the social media brouhaha over the conduct of the party’s primary call for some necessarily intellectual discourse to underscore the role of a leader.

I’m astounded and bewildered reading volume of misgivings and misinformation orchestrated by people in their desperate moves to grab power. Just before you believe the gibberish spill around by the political Chichidodos let me give you an insight into what transpired in the Progressives’ camp in our their State.

It was the late MKO Abiola who said that the “bigger the head, the bigger the headache ” William Shakespeare’s maxim about leadership – uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. A person who has great responsibilities, such as a king, is constantly worried and therefore doesn’t sleep soundly. When there’s little unsettling in party the Governor must intervene. Àgbà ki wà lójà kórí omo tuntun wó

The Governor as the leader of the party in the State presided over political meetings. In some of these meetings, where leaders from the wards, Local Government Areas and Senatorial Districts were present discussed extensively the acceptance, suitability the ability of the candidature of the various aspirants to win in the general education. This was done in accordance with the constitution of the party in the overall interest of all.

For instance, during the Southern District meeting, about 34 leaders were in attendance. All the 34 people spoken in favour of their preference. Article 20:1(a) of the party stipulates : All party posts prescribed or implied by this Constitution shall be filled by democratically conducted elections at the respective National Convention or Congress subject, where possible, to consensus.. Where has Akeredolu erred ?

How can any discerning mind juxtapose this to what the National Working Committee of the party did in Abuja where nobody from Ondo State was present ?

As if the governor had an inkling of impending happening that he raised a poser in his 58th Independence goodwill message as followed:

“A closer look at the proposition compels further scrutiny and excited curiosity as regards the real reason(s) for the sudden adoption of this mode by the party leadership. The decision to settle for Direct Primary presupposes that certain issues have been addressed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. This coming against the backdrop of the earlier resolution of the Ondo State Executive Committee of the Party, acting on the directive of the National Executive Council to all branches to adopt either the Direct or Indirect Primary model as they might consider appropriate, will, without doubt, create some disquiet.”

By this latest dictatorial act of the National Working Committee, Governor Akeredolu has been vindicated. The same National Working Committee that imposed ‘Direct Primary ‘ mode on Ondo State antithetically has jettisoned any democratic mode in picking the flag bearers of the party in the National Assembly election in Ondo.

It’s pertinent to understand the character of a people, by means of which both individuals and groups articulate their relationship to power, elaborate their political demands and put them at stake. Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu,SAN, Governor of the Sunshine State is simply exhibiting the character of our forebears. Never will a thoroughbred Ondo State indigene surrender to this marauding subjugation. Never !

Even the Israelites protested when those who carried them in captivity required a song. They retorted-
How shall we sing the LORD’S song in a strange land ?

Before you join the bandwagon to objurgate and upbraid uninformed, these are insights. Tarry awhile and take a deep thought. Before you cavil unnecessarily, remember in 2016 we deliberately chosen between service and servitude. Yoruba adage says ” Eshin Eni kì ga lójú òtá eni”.

There are people outside there who can still not believe that Akeredolu is the Governor. Sometimes, politics is vendetta. They still exploit every opportunity to seek vengeance. The only offence of Akeredolu is to assume obligation and play that leadership role of our forebears – never to subjugate our patrimony. That’s the singular role of a true leader !


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